Black on Black


Hello everyone!

I am excited to share this look today. The weather this weekend has been so nice! It’s time to break out the warmer weather clothes! I know I have talked before about being excited for spring, but seriously! Spring is coming and It makes me so happy. I can’t wait to go through my closet and pack up my sweaters and coats. Don’t get me wrong I do love winter but this winter has felt like it has been dragging on for so long. Ready to switch it up with the changing seasons.

This look is one of those thrown together dress and long cardigan looks. Black is definitely a good go to. It hides everything and looks so chic and elegant. Especially when paired with a cute pair of heels. This cardigan is very warm too for when the temperature drops a little. This dress is so comfy and is very stretchy. I even wore this when I was pregnant.



I am so ready to show more of my legs and arms and of course work on my tan. I get so pale during winter in my face! However my body actually stays a decent tan color throughout the winter. The good thing is thanks to my father I could be out in the sun for 15 minutes and be a shade or two darker once it is warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Thank you Dad for these good tanning genes!



All the details on this outfit:

Dress ~ Pacsun Similar look here at LULUS.

Cardigan ~ Marshalls Similar look here. And here. These looks are a lighter grey though.

Bag ~ YSL Simlar look here. Their bags are to die for. So chic and gorgeous.

Shoes ~ Forever 21 Similar look here. and here.  The second one is very similar to the look of the shoes in my pictures!





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Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Jordan

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