Month of Love


Hey everyone!

I do apologize for not posting in awhile! I took some much needed time away from social media as much as I could to focus on an online class I’m taking, family, and a very important exam. It was all worth it too! I passed my exam, this was a huge relief to me. I’ve been having a pretty good month and just living in the moment with the fam has really put me in high spirits.

I’m ready to get back into the swing of things, by this I mean juggling my many projects and goals I set for myself. This blog has opened up so many doors for me and I love everything that goes into it! I’m glad to be back guys!

Now lets get to it.


This outfit inspiration came from one of the funnest days to celebrate this month! You guessed it! Valentines day! Sometimes I wish that I would have got married on Valentines day because then I could celebrate our anniversary every year on the day of love, being wined and dined, and don’t forget dessert! But February 14th isn’t the only special thing about this month, the month itself means a number of things for me. It’s one month closer to spring! Basically the last month of Winter for me. As you can see everything is dead right now in Kansas except the evergreen trees. Even though it does stay cold in Kansas until April typically, I still associate March and April with spring months! It’s all about the feelings you get right? Not to mention my birthday usually falls on spring break in March, so yea I don’t feel like winter in March.

Not only is February the last month of winter for me but the whole month just reminds me to focus on what is most important in this world. That is spreading love and appreciation for all the great things I have going for me in my life. Maybe it was all the hearts they used to decorate the month of February in grade school with that I have engraved in my brain. But I love February for a lot of these reasons, and it makes me feel good. Let’s also not forget Tax time starts in February! Sorry if you end up owing money. 🙁

Anyways about the outfit!



Coat ~ Wetseal. They have super cute coats here at Forever 21! Similar look to my coat here.

Dress ~ Online store called Shein (I like to try random boutiques, sometimes hit or miss.) Something similar here. Lots of other cute options here.

Tights ~ Target. Similar look here at ASOS.

Shoes ~ Wetseal. Similar look by Jessica Simpson here.

This look is simple yet perfect for a date night out! I like dresses that you can throw on and throw something over it to complete the look. To me this outfit doesn’t really require much thought. I like the black all over because it really makes the dress pop! This dress is similar to a shift or baby doll dress, tighter towards the top and loose towards the bottom. The boots have gold detail on the heel and the back of the boot at the top. Fun boots to keep the outfit interesting!

I will link this similar look below. I hope everyone had a great Monday!


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to shop this look below if you liked this!

xoxo, Jordan

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