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Hello everyone!

I wanted to do a post reminiscing the Holidays! Even though Christmas and New Years have come and gone, I still wanted to share with all of you how our holidays went! I hope everyone enjoyed lots of delicious food and time off work with family. I know I did!

We wanted to try something different and more edgy this time. This look was shot before Christmas but here’s the story behind how I found this jumpsuit. So I was in target…who can relate? I told myself to just take a peak around in the women’s section as usual. Of course I found something *rolls eyes*. It was this gorgeous deep red/maroon jumpsuit (also linked for more here), it just jumped out at me. I looked at it for a good minute but instantly when I saw it my heart raced at the thought of wearing this for a Christmas gathering with family or a New Years Eve party. I HAD to have it. I quickly picked out my size and raced home to try it on! I don’t know why I didn’t just try it on in the store? Well I had my little bubba with me and we all know how that goes… and YES I did dye my hair! I really like the darker look, so far I am in love!

Anyways, I brought it home, bragged to my hubby about it and then let it sit on my clothing rack for almost two weeks! I didn’t EVEN try it on for two weeks! Seriously what was I waiting for? I suppose I was so proud I wanted to admire it, maybe savor my new purchase for a little while before I decided to put it on. I finally tried it on and it was absolutely perfect! I paired it with these black suede platform heels. The ones I have are from Victoria’s Secret a long time ago but here are some similar ones.

DSC_1129DSC_1148 I like these too.

Enough about that, our Christmas this year was so wonderful! We decided to combine my family and Dave’s family. We all met at my in-laws and had the best time opening gifts and making memories with one another. My heart is so full this year, I just cant help but count our blessings everyday. 🙂 Positivity in 2018 is a must!


We opened presents on Christmas Eve with all the family and then Christmas morning it was all about David Jr. Of course he got way too many gifts but this year was much different than last year. This year my mom was able to join us and I was so happy about that. There is nothing better than being surrounded by family that would do anything and everything for you.

For New Years Eve Dave and I indulged on amazing seafood at a local restaurant. The same restaurant that catered our wedding! We must really love their food! Then we hurried out of the cold and into our warm cozy bed! Parent Life?

Also earrings here and here.

Thanks for sticking around!
Happy New Year!

xoxo, Jordan

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