About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Jordan and I love clothes, jewelry, shoes, and bags. You know all the classic girly girl interests. As I get older I love how my sense of style is ever-changing and growing! I’m creating a blog to share and document my personal style. I am so excited to watch my journey with fashion bloom and to share that with all of you! This blog will be mostly about fashion but I may also choose to share other things such as travel, food, and more!

A little more about me. I was born in Germany, but am originally from Kentucky. My family and I moved around a little bit because my dad was in the military [yes another army brat :)]. Eventually we settled down in Kansas and I’ve been here ever since. I met my husband Dave 4 years ago and we recently got married! We have a beautiful son named David Jr. who keeps us motivated and on our toes every single day!

Now back to the blog. I hope to inspire you all, enjoy! 🙂

xoxo, Jordan