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Welcome back! Or if this is your first time visiting welcome to my blog! I’m bringing you another blog post about this outfit I did a while ago featuring my slit maxi skirt. I originally got this skirt from Urban OG for a night out with friends but never actually got around to wearing it. So I thought why not do a fashion shoot with it!

Now to be honest when I first saw these photos I hated every single one. I was thinking so negatively about it and thought the entire shot was ruined. And let me tell you how wrong I was because a little editing goes a LONG way. Now I love how these images turned out and am proud to share them with all of you.

The idea for this outfit was, and this is what I literally thought in my head, ‘Hot Mom’. *Crying Laughing* I don’t know why these thoughts cross my mind. I wanted to put together an outfit that could pass for a fun night out, be that conservative mother, yet have an element of edge and sexiness. Because what woman doesn’t want to feel sexy. And just because you have a kid in your 20’s doesn’t mean you now have to wear turtlenecks and high rise denim for the rest of your life. You do you girl!


So I love this look because this slit is literally through the roof, maybe even to the sky. I love a dress or skirt that shows a little leg. I think legs are one of the sexiest parts of a woman and if your legs are sky high then you got it girl! Show them off. I have short legs *sigh* but that doesn’t mean I have to hide them either. Short girls I feel you. When you wear something that shows leg, heels definitely help them look longer. I’ve also discovered that boots, especially over the knee boots help make your legs look very toned and thin. Score!



These boots are my favorite! They are combat boots from Windsor Store. Absolutely adore them and might I mention they are quite comfortable. I love the edgy vibe that they give the outfit. The heavy duty material makes you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way. Bring on the night! Or day!


This sweater, as bulky as it can be I feel helps to soften the look a bit. Makes it seem a little more innocent. I’m sure some of you may think, what the hell is she wearing? But that’s the beauty of fashion. An outfit is art. What is beautiful to you may not be beautiful to someone else, so on and so forth. It is your own interpretation of what makes you feel good and expresses you to the best of that outfits ability. Nothing wrong with that. And there is NOTHING wrong with being a little…different.



These earrings are a statement in themselves because they are big and beautiful. Sparkly is always my go to when I want to dress up an outfit. Dangly earrings add beauty and elegance to any outfit.


Without further ado here are the outfit details below.

Boat Neck Wine Red Sweater This is not the exact sweater but it is very similar. It is currently marked down from $128.99 to $38.99! But selling fast!

Cable Knit Panel Pullover Cropped Sweater- Wine Red Another similar sweater that is cropped and is $24.49. ASOS also has really cute sweaters!

Wrap Maxi Skirt With Tie Waist and Split This skirt from ASOS is very similar to the one I have. The skirt I have is also a wrap maxi but unfortunately, Urban OG is no longer selling it. 🙁 $32.00

Black Double Split Maxi Skirt This double split maxi skirt from Pretty Little Thing is so cute! I might have to get one like this as well! $28.00

Malia Black Heeled Womens Combat Boots My combat boots are sold out but here are some cute and affordable ones from Tillys $36.99

G by Guess Gift Platform Bootie These are quilted and to die for from Designer Shoe Warehouse. $59.99

Marille from ALDO OMG if only they had my size in the black/white color. Amazing. $130 And the heel on these, gorgeous.

G by Guess Jetti Ok I also love these! Last one I promise. $70.99

Gold Crystal Earrings My earrings are from target but here are some that are similar. $16.19

Open Texture Drop Earring Ok I saw these and my jaw dropped. These are beautiful! $2.59

D’Margeaux Womens Large Rock Candy- Black My bag is from Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. $19.99

Renegade Heart Black Faux Fur Vegan Leather Moto Jacket Currently waitlisted on Lulus.

>>>>>> Here are a lot of other awesome Vegan Leather Jackets on Lulus <<<<<< >>>> ASOS also has some cute ones too. Click here.  <<<<<<


Wow, that was quite a bit. I hope you enjoyed this look and if you could please like and comment I would really appreciate it! Let me know what you think or if there is anything else you would like to see. Don’t forget to shop below for more ideas!




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