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Today I’m talking all about this wonderful orange creamsicle (these colors remind me of ice-cream) look I put together. This shoot was one of the funnest to date because it was different, and it was WINDY! It was also fun getting to jaywalk and avoid getting hit by cars (anything for the perfect shot right)?



Originally I wanted to shoot this look downtown in the city but my husband convinced me to go to a backroad out by some farmland (why I love him). I always have this idea in my head of what I’m going for and then he throws in some crazy idea that I never even thought of and the shots always turn out so good! I have to say we work pretty well together.

I was so eager to put together this look because the sunglasses, shoes and top are from one of my all time favorite stores, Lulus.  As most of you know I am a sucker for floral and as summer is coming to an end (tear) I felt it was a good opportunity to get another summer look together (hence the orange).




The details of this outfit are to die for! The shoes, the bag, the watch. It makes me so happy to wear these items. You guys my love and passion for clothing and accessories is REAL. Like sometimes I see something I’m in love with and my heart starts racing, or I just want to cry, It’s so crazy. Maybe I have a problem? However I’m sure a lot of girls can relate to this. The fashion game is strong and there’s a good reason for that, other women and men (Michael Kors I adore you) LOVE clothing and accessories TOO!

These white mules are so chic, I love that I can wear them with pretty much anything and they will be in style all year. As long as there’s not snow on the ground because a girls gotta keep her shoes pristine.

The bag, watch, earrings, and X ring are from target. Funny story, I was walking into target just to ya know take a look. Of course here I am looking at the bags and I fall in love with about 10 different ones. So I say, “You know what? Whatever I’ll just put some stuff in my shopping cart and then maybe put like half of it back.” Of course I notice the jewelry and start browsing over there. Fall in love with 8 pairs of earrings, a few rings, a couple of watches…I think you guys get my point. I forced myself to put a lot of things back (sad story). However I could not say no to this pink watch, I thought it would go so well with this look and the simplicity of it can go with so many outfits and be worn on any occasion.

The earrings are rose gold and ya’ll know I can’t say no to a good rose gold statement earring. Rose gold is probably hands down one of my all time favorite colors. The X ring, do you know how long I’ve been looking for an X ring that I liked? I think one has been sitting in my amazon cart for about 6 years now. Not sure why I never bought it but here I am now with one 🙂 Dreams do come true. And the bag, now I love a good cross body bag and I knew this one would pair so well with the white mules. All I could say was YES! YES! YES!

Ok yea, yea Jordan get on with the details shall we?

Paradise Bliss Orange Floral Print Flounce Sleeve Top Only $20 right now and available in all sizes!

Women’s High-Rise Kick Boot Crop Jeans $27.99 Very Comfortable!

Halo Orange Round Sunglasses $16 Dare to be different.

Finch White Pointed Toe Mules $60 Vegan Friendly 🙂 Limited sizes right now so heres a link to Zappos selling the same shoes! ↓

Zappos White Pointed Toe Mules $59

Round Stud with Textured Chain Tassel Drop Earrings $8

Rose Plated Large X Crystal Ring $19.99

Womens Narrow Strap Watch in Pale Blush $19.99

Trapunto Handle Cross Body Bag $27.99



I love the ruffle detail at the bottom of this top, It gives me such a feminine feel. This top is something you could wear for a date night, dinner with the parents, or just a casual top to run errands in. Any top that is versatile is a winner for me since my life style is a busy one. I could be picking up my son from daycare, grocery shopping, or going out with friends in this top and I wouldn’t think twice about doing either of those things in this.

The sunglasses I wanted to get because they are different and I think they go nicely with this outfit. These are shades that I see myself wearing in the spring and summer months. These too would be perfect with a cute swimsuit for a day at the pool or beach.




Well I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! It means so much to me that every single one of you took the time out of your day to stop by and even if you didn’t read the whole post at least you looked at the pictures! You are all amazing! If you are feeling generous please like, share or leave me a comment and tell me what you think! Or do all three 🙂

Thanks for stopping by loves!

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