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Welcome back everyone! For those of you who are visiting for the first time thank you for visiting my site!

This post is very long over due. Things have been so hectic since April for us! There are many things that happened and all very exciting changes. A big reason for me not posting on the blog recently is because I needed to take more time out for myself, focusing on my family and trying to relax and enjoy myself when I can during this adjustment period.

So for starters Dave and I found an apartment in April! We were so excited that we put down a deposit only a day or two after viewing it and moved within a couple weeks of finding it. The whole moving process was quick but long all at the same time because we had so much stuff to unpack. We also had lots of wedding gifts that we never opened until now and it’s been interesting finding a place for everything.

I plan to do an apartment reveal sometime. I’ve been decorating and adding new things slowly. For some reason I decided to start working on the patio first. I got a new outdoor rug, we have a new grill, and I got a cute little tomato, and bell pepper plant from our local nursery. It looks like I’m into plants now. I’ve never really had plants before like this and It’s so exciting to see how much they grow!

I can’t wait to show you when the patio is complete. Next will probably be the living room and kitchen. The bedrooms will probably be last. I also have a new office set up, and a new computer! Like I said many things have happened and I hope to share all of this with you guys very soon!

So along with moving, me taking a new job in Kansas City (oh yea that happened too). I’ve been traveling a lot. Not only back and fourth from Kansas City to Manhattan, Kansas, but we went to St. Louis for a wedding, a family vacation in Florida, Chicago to visit a friend, we just got back from a wedding in Colorado, and we are going back to Colorado next month for a concert. It’s been a very busy summer for me!

I love traveling, as exhausting it is I have had the most fun doing it and seeing new places. I hope to keep the traveling trend going here! And there are more plans for more vacations which I can’t wait to share that too! This blog is all about my love for fashion but I also hope to do more posts about traveling because that is also a passion of mine. I love seeing pictures from places people have visited and it gives me good ideas too! So I hope to share and inspire and spark new ideas in all of you as well.

Enough about my busy life lets get into why I LOVE this summer dress. I’ve been wanting to post about this for soooo long!



This dress is so light and has the perfect material and style for summer. It can be made to look formal or casual depending on the heel and accessories you put with it. For this look I wanted to do more of a casual look since we were in the college campus gardens shooting this. The location went perfect with the pattern on the dress. I just wanted to make it look like a casual day hanging out with girlfriends or going on a date with a summer crush!

I love that it’s a wrap dress. Wrap dresses make me feel so sexy, when putting it on it’s like you’re putting on a robe but you can actually go out in public and not feel weird because it’s a wrap dress! It wraps around my body so perfectly and hugs all the right places without being too much. Which is why this is a perfect date dress too. Sometimes it’s a fine line us girls walk trying to figure out the perfect date night dress to wear. We want to look sexy and attractive but not like we are only there for free dinner and getting lucky. We ask ourselves, “Is this too trashy? Does it scream desperate? Is this something his mother would approve of?” And what girl doesn’t love a good date night?



The details on this dress are insane. Not only does it have these beautiful little flowers all over but it has little black sprinkled throughout the dress that adds a cool texture. I put it with this little neutral bag that I found at H&M a while ago. I will link everything below!



This dress is very airy and blows in the wind as you walk. Its hard not to feel absolutely amazing in this dress. The ruffles along the neck line and front of the dress add the perfect feminine touch as well. I really wanted to stick with the floral theme because yes I am a woman and LOVE flowers. I paired it with this little bouquet and a sparkly flower pendant necklace.



The earrings are gold and I’m pretty sure I got them at a local boutique. Manhattan has the cutest little boutiques and such good finds! I will link these down below also. I’m sure a similar look is very easy to find! My favorite websites to find cute earrings are Lulus, Urban Outfitters, NA-KD, White Fox Boutique, and Goodnight Macaroon to name a few!


Click on the links below for this look!

~ Dress from Fortuity Similar look here and here in a different color. This sleeveless wrap dress matches the color of the dress I’m wearing and is still very cute!

~ Shoes from Target sometimes their shoes can be hit or miss. You always find the best stuff there when you aren’t looking! Similar looks here and here on Forever 21’s website. They are offering great discounts right now 10% off your first purchase and 50% off favorite brands today only! Sizes are going quick in this particular shoe at the link.

Poshmark also has cute shoes similar to this look, heres another postmark shoe I like. I’m obsessed with these on Etsy, they are really cute and a lower heel.

~ Purse from H&M here are some cute and very affordable bags that are similar. This one has a ring too, and then this one I really like the clasp.  Heres another cute bag that is a pink color with a ring, and one more clutch bag, super cute!

~ Jewelry, my necklace was one that was passed down to me from the grandma, here are similar looks here on this site called beloved sparkles and here. Earrings are from a local boutique a long time ago here is a similar look on lulus. Ok I need those earrings from Lulus so cute! These are also kinda close but wow! I want these too. Ooo check out these gold floral ones!


Thank you for stopping by! I missed all of you! Happy to start providing more posts for you as I establish more balance in my life. There are also more links below to get this similar look. If you enjoyed this please like and comment. See you soon loves!




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