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Hello everyone!

I want to welcome you all back to my blog! Thank you so much for checking it out. Starting this blog has been such an exciting turning point in my life. Whenever I think about creating more content for my blog and start brainstorming ideas I get so excited!

Social media is amazing now a days and being able to connect with so many people around the world is just mind blowing. I feel truly lucky to be alive and young during this time.

Anyways lets talk about this look. This sweater caught my eye while shopping at our local town center, at Pacsun. Our pacsun has since closed, *tear*, they really do have some good fashion trends. I love Pacsun because their clothes are affordable and they actually last! I don’t ever recall buying something from there and it eventually gets a hole in it. Their clothing really does stand the test of time. Good quality and cute clothing, I’m all in! Similar look here at this link! And Similar look here!



The pants are from Francesca’s. A local boutique that I am obsessed with! They also have one in Kansas City. I prefer to shop in this particular store as opposed to online because their clothing is so unique, you just have to see their clothing in person. They have so many beautiful colors, lots of pinks, baby blue, maroon, red, all of their clothing is gorgeous and you can find something for every occasion there. They also have cups, jewelry, little trinkets and miscellaneous items that may come in handy! They really seem to have it all. Shop this link for these jeans!

These boots are from Lulus, shop this link and use the discount code TAKE15 for $15 off orders over $150 and TAKE30 for $30 off orders over $250. I finally caved and joined the white boot trend. I LOVE these white boots. They are so comfortable and really make a statement.

My necklace is also from Lulus. Click this link to shop!

Now that we are literally a week away from it officially being spring I want to really bring out the color! I used to never like pink much because I thought it was too girly. Now I really embrace what it represents. Now a days pink is such a dominant and strong color and it really stands out. To me pink means strength, and courage. I love how I feel when I wear pink because It makes me feel very feminine and pretty. When I think spring I think pink and I am dying to pull out more of the spring and summer wardrobe. It’s really been trying to warm up in Kansas and all the plants will be blooming before we know it. I just love this time of year and watching the seasons change.




If you liked this look please like and comment below! I really enjoy getting your feedback! Also please shop the look below!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading. 🙂






xoxo, Jordan

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