Feeling Like A Million Bucks


Hey everyone!

This post is all about what makes me feel good and positive vibes! For example writing this blog post right now for all of you. 🙂 This shoot was so fun because it was such a nice day and there was a little breeze. Nothing like some cool fresh air. The weather has been warming up here which has me so excited for SPRINNNNNNGGGGG! Too much?

I love spring because it’s my birthday, my parents birthdays, I can start wearing less clothes, opening all the windows and cleaning the house and of course spending more time outside! Who doesn’t love being outside getting sun kissed!?

Anyways this outfit is the PERFECT transition outfit from winter to spring. The otk (over the knee) boots are always a good go-to, they are so comfortable and keep your legs nice and warm. Pair them with some casual jeans and a loose sweater and you have the perfect outfit for a dinner when its in the upper 50’s before sunset but the temperatures still drop after dark!

Back to this whole feel good thing. Something about this shoot just made me feel so amazing, It must have been the location. This was downtown in the courtyard outside of our mall. I love our mall, although it’s very small in comparison to most but It’s still fun and exciting to go shopping there! Like I said the breeze was amazing and breathing in the fresh air just made me feel like a million bucks! I hope everyone has more days like this in 2018. If you feel good, you attract good. We should all be happy and enjoy the things we do have this year. It’s so easy to fall into the evils and negativity of life. I’ve definitely been there, and it’s OK to have those bad days. But the more we can focus on the good, the more we can feel the good, the more we can live the good life! I may sound silly to most of you but I enjoy looking at life like this, it makes me feel amazing!

I want to share what my top three resolutions are for this year. Almost one month in and so far so good!

~New Years Resolutions for 2018~

  1. * Be positive * 😀
  2. Incorporate more workouts and toning exercises into my fitness routine
  3. Work on transitioning into a Vegan diet

So the whole be positive part, I think I’ve explained enough. We could all use a little bit more positivity. Seriously It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, watch the movie Trolls. Such a cute feel good movie! Do yoga, go on a walk, visit your favorite spot and look at the scenery, sing at the top of your lungs, dance in your underwear! Whatever makes you feel amazing.

I work out but not very consistently. My goal is to work out at least 3-6 times a week, so far it’s a work in progress but I have been working out more! Got to start somewhere.

So If you follow me on instagram and have for a while you know that I made this big announcement one day about how I was going to go vegan from my current pescetarian diet. I wanted to really just do it cold turkey, one of those wild hair moments. I will have to say I do have my vegan days and then I’ll eat something not vegan. I supposed I haven’t been able to officially kick Dairy and Fish goodbye for good…yet.

I want to do a separate post on this one day but there is a lot that goes into why I want to be Vegan. I feel strongly enough about it to keep trying. More recently I have been cutting way back on dairy. I’m talking minimal, like a piece of cheese here, maybe a Caesar salad there. I’ve even made my own vegan ranch which is delicious! I’ve been eating more and more vegan foods which makes me feel good. Like I said work in progress over here! I do love celebrating that I’ve gone over two years now as a pescetarian (occasional fish eater) though! Yay me! It’s welcomed great health benefits into my life.

Enough about my opinions and resolutions back to this outfit!


~ Boots are from UrbanOG (similar ones) and sizes are going fast! More similar looks here, and here, and here. These boots are a grey.

~ Jeans are from Pacsun. Similar pair here, all jeans are buy one get one 50% off right now. I highly recommend their jeans!

~ Sweater from ebay. Similar looks here and here!

~ Earrings from H&M. Similar here.

~Bag from Marshalls will link a similar one below! Brand is Dune London. Definitely going to add some of their bags to my wish list!


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to comment and click the pics below to shop this look!

xoxo, Jordan

p.s. If I find more affordable bags like mine I will definitely update you all!

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